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The auld golfer

Here is an extensive list of on-line, ready to read Auld Golf Books.  Google Books and Chest of Books have both taken the time to scan in the original books and give us the chance to read up on the Auld Game.  Simply click the link of your choice and scroll through the chapters and pages.  Lots of illustrations and a great deal of interesting information from our golfing forefathers.


1892 The Art Of Golf | by Bart W. G. Simpson
1896 The Game Of Golf | by William Park, Jun.
1897 How To Play Golf | by H. J. Whigham
1898 The World Of Golf | by Garden Smith
1898 Golf | by Garden G. Smith
1902 Hints To Golfers | by O. K. Niblick
1905 Taylor On Golf Impressions, Comments And Hints
1907 The Spirit Of The Links | by Henry Leach
1907 The Golfer's Manual (Illustrated) | by W. Meredith Butler
1909 Practical Golf | by Walter J. Travis
1912 The Soul Of Golf | by P. A. Vaile
1912 How To Play Golf | by Harry Vardon
1912 The New Book Of Golf | by Horace G. Hutchinson
1913 Modern Golf | by Harold H. Hilton
1914 The Happy Golfer | by Henry Leach
1916 The New Golf | by P. A. Vaile
1919 Golf at Gleneagles | by R. J. Maclennan
1920 The Golf Swing, The Ernest Jones Method | by Daryn Hammond
1920 Intimate Golf Talks | by John Duncan Dunn
1921 Present-Day Golf | by George Duncan, Bernard Darwin

Google Books

1875 Golf

1885 The golfer's handbook - Robert Forgan
1889 Golf - William Thomas Linskill
1891 Famous Golf Links - Horace Gordon Hutchinson
1892 The Art of Golf ... - Sir Walter Grindlay Simpson
1894 Golfer's guide to the game and greens of Scotland
1895 Golf the Badminton Library- Horace Gordon Hutchinson
1895 Hints on the Game of Golf ... - Horace Gordon Hutchinson
1895 Golf - William Thomas Linskill 
1897 Golf on a New Principle: Iron Clubs Superseded
1897 Golf - Garden Grant Smith
1898 The Golfing Pilgrim on Many Links - Horace Gordon Hutchinson
1900 The book of golf and golfers - Horace Gordon Hutchinson
1900 Golf donts: admonitions that will help the novice to play well and scratch ... - Hugh Louis FitzPatrick
1902 The Golfing Annual
1903 A Book of Golf - James Braid, J. A. T. Bramston, Horace Gordon Hutchinson
1903 Concerning Golf - John Laing Low
1905 Golf and how to play it
1906 Spalding's Official Golf Guide and How to Play Golf
1906 Golf Greens and Green-keeping
1908 Advanced Golf: Or, Hints and Instruction for Progressive Players - James Braid
1911 Golfing: With the Rules of Golf in Force in 1911 - Horace Gordon Hutchinson
1912 The New Book on Golf
1913 First steps to golf - George S. Brown
1914 Common-sense Golf - Charles Clarke, Gilbert Mottram
1914 Success at Golf 
1919 Picture Analysis of Golf Strokes: A Complete Book of Instruction - James M. Barnes
1922 The Gist of Golf - Harry Vardon
1922 Golf From Two Sides - Roger Henry Wethered / Joyce Wethered
1922 Golf - Cecil Leitch
1922 Golf Fundamentals: Orthodoxy of Style - Seymour Dunn
1922 Golf - Arnaud Massy