The auld golfer

with Chris Mcintyre

that there is so much more to experience than just playing social & competitive hickory golf with 1920's Jones style clubs.  

Older variations of long nose clubs with whippy shafts and gutta balls are very different.  And as the clubs transitioned through the gutty to rubber ball era they took on new forms and characteristics. Even the early steel transitional clubs have enjoyment to offer...

is a peek at Chris's personal passion since the year 1999 through discovery, development, and eventually expertise in Auld Golf as a subject and in supplying Play Hickory event customers the opportunity to experience hickory golf and helping individuals learn the details that will help them enjoy it even more...




IT WAS 1999 and I'd been a Country Club member for a number of years.  I played a lot of golf...not that there is anything wrong with that!   I'd been making my own clubs from components and exchanging drivers every year on the promise of 20 more yards (nothing ever changes)...swinging hard and going to the chiropractor every week. One day, I said "I'm just going to have fun today!".  I pulled out my Son's junior 3 wood, a Medicus 5-Iron, my 7-Iron, an Alien wedge, and a Basakward putter.  I proceeded to enjoy my "challange" and upon leaving the course mentioned "didn't they make wooden shafted clubs?", "I should get one to add to my FUN set!".  My friend told me he had a few in his garage and he'd sell me a I bought two. The rest is history.