Chris McIntyre shares his antique workshop with you.

Antique tools, antique clubs, 

it doesn't get any better!

An Authentic Experience 

If this is your first visit, don't leave the site without visiting the Antique Golf Workshop!  Chris has put in a lot of work on all of the site subjects, but this is a "don't miss".

Study the auld play techniques as found in the Auld Golf Archives.

See if you can pick up a tip that works for you!

Photo Collage Includes: Old Mac,  Mac at work on molding machines, Mac studies the course, Mac life size cut-out ad for Old Bandon Links, Mac's view of Barry Burn at St Andrews,  Mac local TV interview,  a vintage "McIntyre" dimple golf ball.

Chris McIntyre operates Play Hickory, Inc. - The only Professional Antique Golf Event company in the USA.  This is a great passion and fulfilling venture that has enabled thousands of golfers to experience hickory golf - at least for a special day.

Auld Golfer is a peek at Chris's personal passion since the year 1999 through discovery, development, and eventually expertise in supplying customers the opportunity to experience hickory golf and helping individuals learn the details that will help them enjoy it even more...

Read a book, on-line, from the Auld Golf Library.

E-Books from 1875 to 1921